Best document signing tool


For our UX/UI design and development agency,

We sign a lot of documents, just looking for the best tool to facilitate these agreements and make the friction as little as possible.

Mainly including:

  • Master service agreements and then add work orders to those documents for the specific retainer or project details with amendments from time to time again. (e.g. to change the monthly fees, or add deliverable items)
  • Mutural NDA clauses: don't tell people about my startup or I will sue you for 8 billion dollar type agreements.

What is the best solution for this?

Using zapier with some hellosign and google docs, docusign or anything else?

Ideally we would just be able to amend the initial contract (with additional work orders) and add versioning.

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almost 3 years ago

docusign. easy to use.

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almost 3 years ago

I like Hellosign a lot more than Docusign personally. It's much more simple and straight-forward, and it's quite a bit cheaper. It has a good amount of flexibility for dynamic content/templating, and has solid APIs which I've used to let sales rep spin up contracts on the fly in the past.

It does have some limitations though. One example that I find a bit frustrating: the character limit for a given field is based on the default font size, and the size of the text field. So, you essentially need to eyeball how big the field will need to be. If it turns out that the person signing your document has a particularly long company name, address, or whatever...then you need to void the whole thing and start over. It's minor, but it can be a pain!

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2 years ago

I recently went looking for an application. I tried Eversign and hated the complexity of the document builder. I switched to HelloSign because I like and use Dropbox. It’s been great and just what I need.

I got a great Mutual DNA made by Orrick from Stripe Atlas incorporation program.

For freelancing, I’ve been making good and singable service agreements with

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2 years ago

We've been using Docusign. It's spendy, relatively speaking, and costs extra if you care about API integrations. My impression is that HelloSign is easier to use and cheaper, and probably what I would look at given what you said. My company tends to try to dogfood the apps that our customers are using so that we can speak to those apps -- Docusign seems to have a bigger marketshare in our particular client list.

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2 years ago

I use and love DocHub. Has all the features I need without all the frills.

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2 years ago

Another vote for HelloSign, this time from the automation perspective. With its Zapier integration (disclaimer, I used to work on the Zapier team), you can basically start a workflow where if you check off a task or someone fills out a form or whatever else you need to start the workflow, you can have a Zap that then has HelloSign send them a document for signature (something you can also do with a handful of other signature apps supported on Zapier including DocuSign). HelloSign was also recently acquired by Dropbox, so you can request a signature right from inside Dropbox as well (and I would assume it may be bundled with Dropbox Business plans soon, though can’t find any documentation on that yet).

Another fun option is to use a form to gather data, send that to WebMerge to fill in a template document, then send it to the contact to sign with HelloSign, all tied together in a Zap.

Another option: You can request signatures in some form apps including Formstack, so you could build out your document in Formstack and have the contact sign the document while filing out the form, then have Formstack generate a PDF of the results at the end.

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@samducker (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago

Very cool, think we'll do some sort of onboarding Typeform to trigger this!

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2 years ago

Thanks all, gonna try out HelloSign for now!

Great insights :)

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