Best email marketing platform for small teams/products?

Been using mailchimp, but I really dislike their tag system and overall ux. Was looking for alternatives.

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2 years ago

We just launched a startup and after doing research on the various email solutions available we decided to use sendinblue ( because it was the most affordable (up to 300 emails/day on the free plan) and because the API is robust.

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2 years ago

We use at Capiche for our notification and onboarding emails precisely because it's built around tagging and workflows. It's not quite as simple to use as MailChimp, and for customized templates you'll likely have to edit HTML every time you make an email—but you can split and filter your lists almost infinitely. Their base pricing is high at $150 for 12,000 subscribers, but that works out almost the same as Mailchimp would cost for that many subscribers—the only downside is that it doesn't offer smaller plans. Their UX isn't perfect either (among other odd things, you have to click save at each step of making a new email workflow), but it's easier to memorize and more consistent at least than Mailchimp's.

Another option I haven't used but want to give a try is ConvertKit, which seems everyone who uses raves about. It does claim to have great tagging and automations, so could be worth a try.

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