Best platforms for customer loyalty programs & referrals?

I've heard mixed reviews on Extole, decent things about Yotpo, but wondering if there are any new ones I'm missing?

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There's a crazy wide variety of referral programs. From some of the older discussions on Capiche about referral programs, Rewardful got mentioned the most, with 4 different answers saying they're actively using it. Other tools that got mentioned include Viral Loops, ReferralCandy, LinkMink, Referral Hero, Vyper, and TapAffiliate.

For another discussion, I'd dug into referral programs that work well for international campaigns and came across Post Affiliate Pro and InviteReferrals, both of which included a lot of language and customization options (though I haven't actually used either in production).

Hoping to get some newer ideas from others, as each of those discussions are a bit dated now!

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