What's the best software for managing KPIs and metrics for performance marketing teams?

D2C/e-comm folks with/within internal marketing teams — how are you centralizing key metrics and analyzing them?

If you/your colleagues are responsible for certain marketing channels (i.e. Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc.), how are you tracking individual employee’s KPIs day-to-day?

What software/platforms are you using?

We currently use Supermetrics + Google Sheets/Studio but it’s gotten a little messy lately so wondering if anyone has a better solution!

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almost 3 years ago

Check out Yaguara. Was built to replace a lot of this:

And has OKR system built in too!

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@maguay (replying to @irrvrntVC )
almost 3 years ago

OKR + tracking the actual metrics in the same app would be incredibly handy—thanks for sharing that!

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