Best user feedback tool that integrates tracking

Testing out UserBit for or alpha app launch to conduct interviews but it also allows segment + sentiment tagging with a nice visual output.

It does miss the mark on creating amazing forms to send out to users.

What is your favorite user feedback based tool that supports analytics + data visualization for turnkey reporting? Even better if this same tool can then be used for user usage once we have the final app/

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almost 3 years ago

Hotjar is pretty cool.
User feedback is not their main feature but it works well.

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@maguay (replying to @qthdh )
almost 3 years ago

Great suggestion—its heat maps make it easy to generally see what people are doing on a page, there's a free plan to try it out, and it also includes surveys if you want to ask people more detail about what they think about your product.

One slightly odd catch is that Hotjar is built around projects and snapshots. In short,

Another option I like is FullStory—but it's better at watching how people use your site, and doesn't have a way for people to fill out forms and send in feedback directly.

Here's a comparison of user analytics tools Hotjar, Fullstory, and Heap that I'd written up a while back when looking for the best tool to see how people were using our site.

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