Breakdown of software I'm using to build a SaaS

Here's a breakdown of apps I'm using to build a SaaS:

  • Heroku as I'm not a DevOps, and I don't know anything about Docker. Heroku is good with all the add-on they offered (and locked you in?)

  • Twilio: I don't really like the console dashboard, but it's working flawlessly

  • Netlify: I'm not a fan of the change to computing build time in order to bill you as if you don't change your settings they will build each time you push your code on GitHub regardless of your branch. But it's reliable to deploy your front end app. You can also choose Render as an alternative

  • Github: it's free! The only thing that bothers me is that it is difficult to watch a file history. Bitbucket is better in this aspect.

  • Managed Mysql DB with Digital Ocean: A lot of RAM and you can have backups too. Really useful if one of your users wants to retrieve something. Overall I'm satisfied and it's about $15 per month as a starting price.

I'm curious about your software stack, feel free to share!

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2 years ago

This is what we're using:

  • Linode - Cloud servers rather than application platform. Personally, I would not use Heroku for anything more than a PoC. I've never seen a heroku app with decent performance.

  • Plivo (SMS) - Twilio has better marketing, but Plivo offers better pricing with a similar service offering

  • Mailgun - Excellent transaction Email service. One of the most useful features they have is mass mailing with a single API request using a JSON payload to personalize each message.

  • Bitbucket - Unlimited private repos (used to be a differentiator with GitHub). Also, full integration with Atlassian tools.

  • Stripe / Square / / Mollie - Stripe is a personal favorite, but some users have different needs (we operate as a connect platform, with our merchant connecting their own accounts).

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2 years ago

Awesome! Have used all the tools you mentioned and like them all, but we currently have no overlap with you!

if you don't change your settings they will build each time you push your code on GitHub regardless of your branch.

Interesting. Do you have to change this setting for every branch you create, or can you change the default?

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@jpfong (replying to @awwstn )
2 years ago

In the build settings, there is:

  • Deploy previews that for each project is set to "Automatically build deploy previews for all pull requests" that you need to switch to "Don’t build deploy previews for pull requests"

  • Branch deploys: that you need to set to "None" instead of "All". You can also define individual branches.

By setting like this you won't have to change for all you ew branches.

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2 years ago

Just built out a project on Google's Firebase. Great experience. A lot of the stuff on security and backend management is taken care of automagically. Just need to focus on business logic and frontend.

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2 years ago

If you're a B2B business, I'd highly recommend Typeform for better lead capture

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2 years ago

I use: for better user onboarding. for CMS of the SaaS portal itself, (build with react) for documentation

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@maguay (replying to @CreativeLife )
2 years ago

Nice set! What got you to choose Prisimic for your CMS?

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@CreativeLife (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago
  1. it's very simple to use, you define a data model and add data.
  2. easy integration using javascript SDK not need to worry about using complex API
  3. it's cheap and we are a startup
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