Building an outsourced web agency, what are the drawbacks and how to overcome them?

I'm thinking of launching a web agency, I've never had the experience to run a business before, but I feel I can work though this, without hiring people, instead keeping connection with designers, social media marketers, content writer and if things breaks with a sysadmin.
All of those would work as "per project" not as in house staff. While I provision servers, deploy and develop websites.

But I would like to know real life challenges of such work design and how you work around those challenges?

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2 years ago

Also, project management doesn't get nearly the credit it deserves. I work at a digital marketing agency that was getting a little bogged down in bureaucracy so we created a new team outside of the 'system'. That new team wanted to do something akin to what you're describing and within weeks its members were spending 80% of their time on drafting instructions, talking to freelancers, talking to clients, compiling results, etc etc. You could hire a freelancer project manager, but that's giving over A LOT of "company" authority to them.

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2 years ago

Finding and keeping contractors who can deliver quality work within your clients timelines is hard when you don't have them on retainer. Not everyone delivers the same quality of work when you need it.

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@maguay (replying to @prakashav )
2 years ago

Another vote on that, from the perspective of hiring freelance writers. When I worked for publications that didn’t hire full-time writers or offer at least a steady retainer and guaranteed set of content, the best writers always ended up having limited availability as they would commit more to places that did offer retainer, or they’d get hired away full-time.

And continuously onboarding new freelancers as people churn isn’t worth it after a while.

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@rafa_atlantica (replying to @prakashav )
2 years ago

I can second that. Since you are intending on doing the development that is somewhat minimised (in my experience development is the main source of the problems cited by @prakashav), but you will still incur in delays and poor quality jobs by our contractors. I would add that you can never underestimate how much time and effort it will take to do sales and customer success/making your customers accept your delivery.

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