Can Notion show data from linked databases on the same page?

I am trying to figure out just how powerful Notion can be and how it can help out clients

I would like to create one view which shows records from multiple tables

The structure I have is
Group Companies (Main company if there are multiple companies within a group)

Sites - A company may have more than one site be it office, shop, factory
Energy Supplies - Each site may have a number of energy supplies, gas and or electricity
Energy Contracts - Each Supply will have an energy contract which needs monitoring as there will be a start and end date

I would like a Page in Notion where I can show all the sites and supplies for a given company, if it is just that, or a group if there are many companies. This can be shared with the client as a guest?

Group company (if it exists)

This could be a list of contracts sorted by company / site / supply but we would need to highlight any supply that does not have a contract or views for each database in which case can they be linked so that when you enter the company the other details automatically show rather than setting up filters for each linked table.

Is this easily achieved in Notion?

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8 months ago

You can add multiple linked databases to a page. As many as you want in fact. However, you cannot combine data into one table unless you use automation. Also, be mindful that in order for a third party (non-member or guest) to see a linked database, they have to have access to the original database. A big Notion limitation that hopefully will be solved by Q2 2022 (prediction not fact).

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@bostjanpisler (replying to @optemization )
8 months ago

Yea, hoping a solution to the sharing limitation will come soon!

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