Can you talk about one of the most memorable learning moments you've had in your career?

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3 years ago

I used to throw "Hiten Bombs" around at KISSmetrics. And I wrote about it. The post is called "My Billion Dollar Mistake" and is one of the most popular if not the most popular pieces of content I've written to date.

Countless people told me they were sharing the post with everyone on their teamsand a bunch even read it out loud at their all-hands meetings. People have told me that it resonated so much with their experiences working with founders, CEOs and executives. They would say oh, [Executive Name] Bombs are common in my workplace.

This experience clearly seems to resonate with people. And I personally consider it my most memorable and also painful learning moments in business. I learned that my influence is such that people on the team are willing to drop everything they are doing in order to do things related to conversations I have with them even if I try to explicitly tell them not to when I share an idea.

I have further developed various methods to prevent this situation where I'm distracting the team since the KISSmetrics days. I take more notes than I ever have in order to write things down versus say things to other people at inappropriate times. I also now thing about whether something I'm thinking matters "now vs. later". If it matters now, I will think about the appropriate time to share it with the team and usually will write it up before I share. If it matters later, I will put it in my notes for later. This gets things out of my head and into a more appropriate place and format.

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