Can you use DocuSign for free?

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3 years ago
DocuSign’s free plan lets you send 3 documents for signatures—and sign unlimited documents

DocuSign’s pricing page does include a free account, but it’s somewhat hidden under the standard pricing plans, and is worded to seem like it only lets you sign documents others send you. In fact, if you sign up with the free plan on DocuSign, you can send 3 documents to others to get their signature.

To get a free DocuSign account, go to or click the Get DocuSign Free Edition button on the DocuSign pricing page. Once you’ve created an account, you can add a document to send to a recipient for signature. You can use all the core annotation features to prepare your document for signatures, and DocuSign will notify you once it’s signed. The only catch is that once you’ve sent 3 documents, you’ll need a paid account to send more documents (though you can still sign any documents others send you).

Alternately, if you need to send more documents for signature, DocuSign competitor HelloSign lets you send 3 documents for signature each month.

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2 years ago

An alternative is AFAICT, it is truly unlimited free. I sent 50+ documents for signatures last month and it never asked me for a credit card.

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