Chartio is shutting down - closest/best alternative?

Chartio is shutting down, sold to Atlassian:

For other Chartio customers out there, wondering what you're planning to switch to?

I've been using Chartio for years and really like it... good report building tools, I like their internal ETL stuff... it's always suited our needs. I evaluated it against Looker, Mode, and Periscope at the time, and thought it was the best combination of functionality and usability.

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a year ago

Yikes that's a loss! Surprised they're shutting it down instead of running it alongside the other Atlasssian services.

We've used both Amplitude and Heap at Capiche to visualize data; Heap feels easier to set up and customize. In other Capiche Discussions, one on dashboard/KPI tracking apps saw people recommend Databox, Baremetrics, Google Data Studio (for a more basic option) and Looker. Another discussion on best data visualization tools saw Metabase, Tableau, and SeekWell recommended.

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a year ago

Yikes indeed. We've used them briefly and then moved to (the hosted version from the developer of the Superset BI tool). Very happy with it - support is awesome, team is innovating very quickly, and it comes from a widely adopted, incredibly scalable service (Superset) used by Airbnb, Facebook and so on.

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a year ago

Hey, the founder of Rakam is here!
We actually started to see some shift from Chartio users to Rakam recently so we wrote this blog to help those who’re migrating their datasets, reports, and charts to Rakam:
Feel free to check out and let us know if you need any help :)

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a year ago

What a summary @maguay

I can also add a couple of options depending on your current setup:
- Trevor an data viz / exploration tool for non technical users
- Popsql for collaboration on SQL
- Whaly + Data Studio if you were used to allow your business users to model their data by themselves. Hint : I am one of the co-founders

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a year ago

I'm on the same boat with So far I'm leaning towards Re:dash ( Pricing is similar to Chartio, and has similar feature set, but it will be a pain to adapt filters, drill down's, transposes.

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a year ago

Hey, everyone! PM at Metabase here.

Like other vendors we also took some time to write a brief migration guide for those of you still looking for a new home for your charts and dashboards.

A bit about Metabase: it’s free and open source, so you can host it yourself, or pay for a subscription to have us host it on Metabase Cloud. We also have paid tiers with additional features for folks looking to either embed Metabase, or who are trying to manage complex permissions or deal with large numbers of users.

Feel free to reach me out for any questions about Metabase, or to help out if you’re trying to migrate.

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