What software would you recommend to track commission and manage referrals?

My business has ended up receiving a lot of income from referrals to other businesses in our industry. The companies we're receiving referrals from are all run very differently and have complicated invoicing to their own customers (on which we receive a commission), and we've negotiated different agreements with all of them. I'd love to find software to help me manage our commissions or referrals to make sure we're receiving what we're supposed to and so I can do revenue forecasting.

There is a lot of software related to commission management or partner management, but they are all targeted towards the companies paying out the commissions, not the receivers. I can look at those software options, but I won't, for example, have direct access to the books of all the companies paying us - I'd probably just have disparate forms for tracking payments and/or invoices.

Does anyone know of any good options? We already use AirTable and Google Sheets extensively - I can create my own systems there but wanted to see if there was a good option out there before I went DIY.

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