Creating master contacts table for use in other pipelines

Hi all,

We use Notion for recruitment pipelines.

What I'd really like is to create a master contact list which can be browsed, and relevant candidates added to potentially multiple pipelines. Essentially, each candidate has a master table entry that can be added to other tables.

Is this possible?

At the moment we're having to duplicate entries in order to have the same candidate in different pipelines.

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a year ago

Hi, yes, you can have a contacts master database and then link to it in different pipelines.

You do that by creating a Relation-type property field in each database where you want to call up the master contacts database.

Once you specify that the new property is of the Relation type, you must configure the relation and tell Notion that this field is related (i.e., calls up the information contained within) to the Contacts database.

So, when you are populating, say, a db for CRM, or pending orders, or leads, you can just go to your "Related to Contacts" field, and when you type you will see the available contacts and will be able to create a new one from scratch.

Hope that helped!

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