Developers from SubSaharan Africa emigrating to Europe v the US?

Help Patrick. I'm a developer from Sub Saharan Africa looking to emigrate to Germany. I reckon Germany is cheaper to live in for me. I fear though that the opportunities to make it big in Europe are a tad limited compared to the US. I picture myself spending the time required to get a German passport (circa 5 years), then moving to the US as a more rounded developer with a more US immigration friendly CV. I currently work remotely for a small SAAS company in Baltimore.

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2 years ago

I do not have a very developed point of view on the strategy here qua immigration.

I think over a 5+ year timespan you're going to increasingly see the world move to approximately two salary schedules for engineering jobs, one pegged to SF/NYC and similar "most expensive places in the world" and one for everywhere else. To the extent you believe this, you should probably believe that German engineering wages will narrow the gap with non-SF/etc US-based engineering wages.

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