Do you have any mbox processing tool to pull out old threads of interest?

Prompted by the response to the question of Hey allowing import old emails.

This made me wonder about old exported mail and more intelligent searching.

I've stuff in various formats from years ago and would like to pull out threads of conversation before I reach out to old contacts.

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2 years ago

The only options I know of are actually to import the .mbox file into an email app—which I've done before with Apple Mail, and can work as well with Outlook or Thunderbird. Then you essentially just have an offline copy of a mailbox and use the standard folders and search to look through the older emails, and could move emails to a synced inbox if you wanted to keep them in your main account.

It does seem like there should be a custom tool to explore mbox files though!

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@AndyDentPerth (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago

Yeah, I've actually done exactly this so old emails are available. What it doesn't do is provide the exploratory tools and pattern analysis people are typically now building into gmail add-ons.

Threads in Apple Mail are based only the historical context and can include a lot of fluff. I'd like some tools which can scrape the interesting stuff out, doing things like inferring someone's importance by your patterns of reply.

For example, if you typically reply to someone within a given period (aware of your timezone) and if there's then chat back and forth, it's more interesting than a simple response that occurs a day later.

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@maguay (replying to @AndyDentPerth )
2 years ago

That would be incredibly fascinating (and, presumably valuable both from finding insights and older ideas from conversations, but also from a legal discovery perspective). Which just made me think, possibly an eDiscovery tool would be better here, though at a steep premium.

We need the same thing for text chat as well—imagine something that could smartly summarize Slack and highlight the actually interesting conversations for you every day. And then apply that to your chat archive and see the decisions and discussions over time.

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