Do you still code?

Do you still find time to code? Or is your involvement at clearbit 100% focused on running the company now...

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3 years ago

Nothing in production (very sadly) but I do code some internal tools [1]. I coded for way to long which resulted in a big delay putting together our product team, which held us back.

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@stuartdsmith (replying to @maccaw )
3 years ago

Seems like being held back was the downside to you coding for too long. What was the upside? Did it ultimately make you a better leader? Did it build credibility with your team since they saw you “in the trenches” alongside them? Tell us more please! : )

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3 years ago

The upside was that we moved incredibly quickly in the short term. It probably took longer in the long-term. Unfortunately, there are not many upsides to a CEO coding.

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