Do you think it's still worth learning to cook?

In an old HN comment, you mention "cooking" as one of the commonalities you see among happy people. Do you still find that to be the case? And by "still", I mean in light of the current food delivery revolution we're undergoing. Thx!

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2 years ago

Are you a fan of Star Trek by any chance?

O'Brien learns to cook, in a world where infinite free tasty food is available at the touch of a button. I think it's instructive to think why one would still do that. One potential answer is: the ritual of cooking for someone, and for incorporating someone into that ritual, plausibly matters a lot more than simply feeding them does.

If this doesn't sound like it matters to you, no worries at all. The world is moving in a direction where cooking will become a niche preference and where lack of cooking skill will be the least stigmatizing it has ever been. This prediction does not necessarily decrease the returns to cooking skill!

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