Do you track time on work—and if so, how?

Perhaps you want to keep better track of how your day went, and where you can optimize your time to be more productive. Maybe you need to track time to bill clients by the hour.

Do you keep track of your work time? If so, what's your favorite tool to track time?

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I use Toggl for my work, and Freshbooks with a client. I don't like Freshbooks' much; I prefer having a native app for this on my phone and Mac (in particular).

I have used Harvest as well, which is my favourite, but not quite by enough to justify its price point for my use case. (That might change in the future, who knows).

My secret to all this is using Alfred to start all my time tracking with a keyboard shortcut. I use Alfred Time about a million times a day. It is absolutely my favourite thing. It works with Toggl and Harvest, and I'm not sure I could use any other service now as a result.

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Ohhh that's a great setup—being able to just start and stop tracking from Alfred would barely take you away from workflow at all. Have you been able to get it working with FreshBooks? I just peeked at the Freshbooks API and looks like you can create, edit, and delete time entries, so what possibly could work would be to track time in a local app then push the completed time entry to Freshbooks once you're done working (and/or have something like Zapier just watch for new Toggl entries and copy them over to Freshbooks, as a hack).

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I haven’t bothered trying to get it to work with Freshbooks — I use Freshbooks rarely enough that it’s not a pain point, and I just add all my time for that client in the weekly time sheet. But your comment is a good idea !

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I use Timing App for personal time tracking. When I decided upon it two years ago, I evaluated it and Rescue Time, finding Timing App to be more mature and feature rich. It has a well-documented API, and can categorize automatically based on rules on what programs, documents etc. you use.

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