Do you use pre-roll video ads (and VAST tags)?

Hello Capiche community 👋

I'm curious to hear about your experience with video advertisements. In particular to pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post rolls using online video players.

As a rough estimate, what is the % of your overall marketing budget that you are currently spending on video ads?

Top film festivals are using a platform called Shift72 as VOD to make their films in their catalogue available online. Shift72 requires VAST tags for pre-rolls.

Anyone here is experienced in the setup and pricing of VAST tags? What service would you recommend using? Any open-source solution for this?

I've tried Google Ad Manager but I was surprised that this tool lacks meaningful resource when it comes to VAST tags.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to the discussion.


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almost 2 years ago

Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)
Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP)

I'm on the developing side, so I know nothing about the pricing. We use JWPlayer for the video service.
To contain the multiple VAST tags we use VMAP that both of those are basically XMLs document.

The VAST contains the information and link for the "creative", the term for the media that display the ads.
The VMAP contains information and link for the VAST(s).

the content of vmap

there is a good PDF documentation about VMAP and about VAST by iab.

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a year ago

Generally speaking VAST tags are provided by the ad network you are using to run your campaign - e.g. Doubleclick etc.

As someone who previous created custom VAST and VPAID tags, let me give you the best advice ever.... don't.

Save yourself months of headache and huge amounts of money, and just use the tags given to you by your ad network.

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