Does your twitter following influence your day-to-day?

Given an automatic audience of 75k+ people, how often do you find yourself thinking about this group? In what ways has building a twitter audience negatively impacted you?

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2 years ago

I think very little about having "an audience" on a day-to-day basis. I think more frequently about the community I'm serving (software people, broadly writ) and the specific subcommunity of software people who know about me, have gotten value from my work, would happily break bread with me, etc.

I orient work-related parts of my life around those communities quite a bit and the existence of them / my recognition of their importance to me have been enormously positive for my life, across many dimensions.

I will acknowledge that it has occasionally been weird getting stopped on the street with "Excuse me, are you patio11?!" (Once in Mountain View, which makes sense to me, and once when walking around in Tokyo, which was extremely surprising.)

Relevantly to the first part of the question: I do sweat the question of "Are you a professional... social media influencer?" and anything which makes that answer round to Yes would be an alarming change in state for me.

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