Every SaaS product having command feature would make using the product easier and faster to use.

It's been a year since I am using Superhuman mail, and the command+k feature has been a time saver no doubt. Adding to this list is Vimcal, they have similar command+k shortcuts and feature and honestly, creating events are blazing fast and easy.

This gave me a thought and discussion topic that why doesn't other apps like salesforce, hubspot and many other SaaS tools provide the same feature to users? It would be make us users love the product even more.

Points to add on this ?

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a year ago

Strongly agree: You could easily convince me that every productivity app should have a command palette. When I'd researched the history of command palettes, it struck me how they common they've become. The Mac's menu Help search that lets you search for functions is similar to a command palette, as is the similar feature in Google Docs and Sheets. Alfred search and Spotlight does that for macOS; Windows search and Catana do that for Windows. Even Photoshop now has a tool to search for commands, even if it's a bit hidden.

Vimcal is intersting, both for its design and name, as the latter points to one of the earlier keyboard-driven interfaces. In Vim's case, though, you needed to remember every command; command palettes offload that with fuzzy search that let you search for the command you need. That's the huge innovation that's made command palettes—and text-driven interfaces—accessible. And it's a big part of what made Sublime Text appeal to a broader range of users than Vim.

There are a few Chrome add-ons that add command palettes to web apps; Streak recently added a command palette to Gmail. Apps like Paletro are trying to bring command palettes to every Mac app. I think we'll see more of those for sure. It'll be interesting though to see if/when other web apps and productivity software in general adopt the command palette.

Command palettes are absolutely something I think will show up as a new default feature in tomorrow's software.

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a year ago

I think this sentiment applies to the slash command too.

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a year ago

Ohh great point, slash commands are another feature that seem to be popping up in so many new apps. Though it almost feels like there's a split between the apps using command palettes (Superhuman, Descript, Pitch, and more) and those using slash commands (Notion, Slack). Long-term I'd bet on the command palette being the most popular, but there are absolutely use-cases for both (where command palettes are better at navigating features while slash commands are better for doing tasks in-line in an editor).

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a year ago

Yes, totally agree. If you are a software developer there is a lot of benefits from a business perspective as well. We added both command palette, hotkeys for anything you do often, and '/'-command in Kitemaker.

Basically, teams that spend time and invest in learning in Kitemaker become very efficient, and since they don't want to re-invest or lose productivity we have next to nothing churn on these teams.

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