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I am a precision farming specialist with experience on farming saas solutions with global applications. Before we select a software we test them and compare them with competitors. Is there interest for such products on

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almost 2 years ago

@FelixMoser I don't believe anyone else has discussed farming software on Capiche yet, but we'd love to have you share more about what you've found and the best tools in the market. And there may be others in the community using precision farming software who haven't started discussions about it yet, too.

What are your favorite farming SaaS tools right now?

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@FelixMoser (replying to @maguay )
almost 2 years ago

@maguay Just to name a few: protector pest monitoring in orchards and Agritask Farm Management Software. Other solutions we use are more Internet of Things solutions, as they involve the purchase of sensors.

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