What's your fave financial budgeting software? Phocas? Something else?

Curious to know if anyone has experience with using Phocas for budgeting and forecasting (or a similar solution). Presently using Excel and it's entirely too archaic.

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3 months ago

We've built Pry to help founders with financial planning (without spreadsheets). Would love to get your feedback!

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@maguay (replying to @tiffanywong )
3 months ago

Interesting, what was the original idea that got you to build Pry, and what's your favorite thing you've built into it so far vs. spreadsheets?

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@tiffanywong (replying to @maguay )
3 months ago

One of my co-founders and I worked together at his previous startup. During that time, we were doing our internal financial planning on Excel and it was painful managing it. We looked around for alternative solutions but did not find anything affordable/user-friendly so we set out to build our own software to help other founders experiencing the same issue.

My personal favorite feature is our hiring plan. So much simpler and quicker than doing it on spreadsheets. We just connect to our payroll service provider and our payroll budgets are automatically calculated. Many founders find this feature useful in keeping their hiring plan updated automatically.

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