Got any Integromat <> GoDaddy automation ideas?

Hey guys, Michaela from Integromat here, hope everyone's having a splendid day!

We are thinking of looking into the GoDaddy API because we'd love to give our users the chance to automate more processes related to more services.

We're now at the brainstorming stage and are curious to hear anything anyone has to say. Are there any GoDaddy-related tasks/processes you'd love to automate?

Any feedback is super appreciated!

Thanks a bunch :)

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a year ago

This is perhaps a crazy idea but ... is there an API endpoint to see if a domain is available and purchase it? If so, could you for example add a domain in a spreadsheet and have GoDaddy automatically buy it, or built a Slack bot to check if a domain is available, send the details on availability and price back to Slack, then send a followup message to purchase the domain if possible?

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@Staffova (replying to @maguay )
a year ago

@maguay, wow, look what a smart and creative brain you have! Thanks for the idea, I'm totally putting it on the list and we'll see if it's possible :)

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