Google Apps, then G Suite, now Google Workspace: Google rebranded their office suite again.

The Google team decided it's time for a new rebranding of their office suite, so the paid, professional set of apps including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, and more is now called Google Workspace.

Almost everything's the same as before, albeit with refreshed icons for most of the apps. Pricing is mostly the same. It's $6/month for what was G Suite Basic and now is called Business Starter with the core apps and 30GB of storage, and $12/month for what was G Suite Business and now is Business Standard—though here, you get a bit less than before, with 2TB of storage per user instead of unlimited storage and no eDiscovery features. And there's a new Business Plus tier at $18/month with eDiscovery and retention, vault tools, and 5TB of storage per user (with unlimited storage left for the custom priced Enterprise tier). The new Google Tables database app still isn't included in any Google Workspace plan.

This time around, Google Meet is a core part of the offering, with each plan getting 100, 150, and 250, video participants, respectively, and with Business Standard and higher plans getting an option to save meeting recordings to Google Drive. There's also deeper integration with Meet all around, including an option to present Google Slides directly to a Meet call.

For the most part, though, it's the same Google apps you've used all along, bundled with a new name (with a bit of software price inflation slowly coming along with less storage and features, along with more price plans).


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