Google+ for business is being replaced with Google Currents on July 6.

Google just emailed G Suite users to say that their existing Google+ will be migrated to Google Currents on July 6—which is also when the new Google Currents app will be out of beta and widely available.

Currents looks much like Google+ did, and is essentially an internal social network for companies with status updates, likes, and replies. You can organize people and content into "Streams", similar to the older Circles in Google+.

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2 years ago
  1. Awful name
  2. Why it's not FREE like Slack?!
  3. Imagine your Gmail, Slides, docs, Sheet, Meet - in one app. That could be awesome, right? Wrong. Microsoft launch an app like that for their employers and the tech was amazing but people preferred "one app, one task" and didn't adapt to the "WeChat" concept of All-in-1 app.
  4. As a G suite user, why I don't get this service as a bonus? Why I should pay AGAIN?!
  5. Why there isn't any Google translate in the mix. In business life, we do sometimes deal with more than one lang. Right?
  6. What do YOU think of it?
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@maguay (replying to @Livenadav )
2 years ago

Actually, looks like it will be included with existing G Suite accounts:

> “ Currents is available to all G Suite users and included with the price of subscription.“

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