Has anyone ever used Bench Accounting?

Our team is currently using Quickbooks Online and is looking for a more hands on approach for a small business. We were referred to Bench Accounting - I had never heard of them and was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has.
If not Bench, any recommended alternatives for a small business that's looking for a consultancy wing to their bookkeeping platform?

Thanks in advance!

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3 years ago
Stayed with QBO and got Bookeeper

I looked at Bench but ultimately decided to stick with QBO and an outsourced bookeeper instead of switching over to the Bench software. During discovery calls, they had reservations about going fully accrual, which we would want as we scale. We also were hesitant to fully switch off of QBO as the network / integrations around it are established. Looking in the future, I also think more robust software platforms like Netsuite will have established processes for switching from QBO compared to switching from Bench. We went with Acuity for our outsourced accounting service, but also looked at Paro as well and liked both.

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@NBNite (replying to @m_doc )
3 years ago

Thanks for the response - super helpful! We generally prefer to engage with companies that can scale with us; unfortunately, it sounds like Bench may not be the answer.

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almost 3 years ago

i just signed up for a year. It seems really good. I estimated the price of the product to be about 8 hours and i do not want to spend that time on accounting/tax stuff.

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@NBNite (replying to @optemization )
almost 3 years ago

Thanks @optemization.
Have you found the lack of integrations limiting in any capacity?

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@optemization (replying to @NBNite )
almost 3 years ago

so far did not need to integrate with anything yet...

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