Have Superhuman, Hey, or other email apps changed how you email?

Often the greatest productivity benefits come from changes in how you work more than the tools themselves. In a recent discussion about the best to-do list apps, the most popular option was pairing a to-do list with a calendar—an age-old option that never really required a new app, but instead requires a mindset shift in how you approach tasks.

The most popular email apps push you in those directions. Gmail got us to archive and labels emails, Superhuman got us to email without touching the mouse, and Hey tried to get us to filter our inboxes better.

Have those apps or others changed your approach to email? Have you found ways to manage your inbox better thanks to apps, and then perhaps taken those new workflows with you to other email tools?

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almost 2 years ago

Superhuman has fundamentally changed the way I do email:

  1. It's keyboard-centric/gamified approach to email helps me stay focused, and grind through emails WAY quicker than I did using Spark/Gmail
  2. Their support team is incredible - always respond within less than 24 hours, and are all ears on how they can improve the product.
  3. I was initially skeptical of Superhuman...until I started using it. It's one of those products that you just have to use in order to experience how it will fundamentally change the way you do email (for the better :) )
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almost 2 years ago

Two months on Superhuman has definitely changed how I email. Overall, I'd say:

(1) I respond to more messages than before;
(2) My average response time is faster; and,
(3) My average response length is shorter.

Before I'd spend more time trying to craft a perfect reply to the most important messages but I think the game aspect of Superhuman has actually made me curter in my replies. That's probably a good and unintended thing.

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@maguay (replying to @thomas_ballatore )
almost 2 years ago

Exact same for me on point 3. Without exactly realizing it, Superhuman definitely pushed me to reply shorter and almost treat email like chat. That’s been a benefit for sure.

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almost 2 years ago

I am just thankful email has stayed open to where we can use what apps work best for our workflows unless other closed chat systems (slack, etc).

Use Spike here, and I think it's helped me process email faster. The Priority Inbox is one of the features that helps me in a quick glance see if anything needs my attention. I'll look at the "Other inbox" once a day or so. It's usually newsletter, receipts, etc.

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@maguay (replying to @bradleychambers1 )
almost 2 years ago

Agreed on the open part; email is one of the very few things that's not locked down into a proprietary network. That's what lends it so well to experimentation!

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almost 2 years ago

I've been using email since the days of dial-up modems, but the app I've found best for not just email, but more ways of communicating, is Spike.

It's like a Swiss Army knife including instantly dividing my email into Priority and Other, distilling emails into a chat format, video chat, group collaboration, pulls in my Fantastical calendars and more. :-)

Spike has a clean, inviting design that looks great even on a 13" monitor.

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