Have you tried Hey for Work yet?

If you're using Hey, have you tried out the new Hey for Work yet? Would you consider switching your company's email service for Hey's features? After discussing the new business plans for Hey on SaaS Radio Hour this week, wanted to see if anyone in the community has tried it yet.

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What are your favorite email-powered apps or hacks?

Email's not just a way to send messages—it's also a way to connect apps without APIs. And with some apps, it can be the main way you use the software. I Done This, for example, was entirely built a...

Is my SaaS idea worth building?

I’m working on a SaaS workflow platform that helps small businesses and freelancers intake, onboard, and guide their clients through business processes, step-by-step. My product is an easy way for ...

Every SaaS product having command feature would make using the product easier and faster to use.

It's been a year since I am using Superhuman mail, and the command+k feature has been a time saver no doubt. Adding to this list is Vimcal, they have similar command+k shortcuts and feature and hon...

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