Have you used iMessage Business Chat to support customers?

Zendesk this week announced beta support for Apple Business Chat, letting customers contact your company through iMessage, with Zendesk letting your team triage messages and reply from inside Zendesk.

Turns out, Shopify Ping supported Apple Business Chat since June, and other apps are poised to support Apple Business Chat in the near future.

Have you used Apple Business Chat in your company yet? If so, how has it worked so far—and would you recommend it versus standard embedded chat in your website?

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i have used it to talk with apple card support and t-mobile. works just fine! i do like that because messaging through intercom or dedicated support channels feels disconnected and so i often miss responses.

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@maguay (replying to @optemization )

Same—I've been very impressed how well it works with Apple Card support, from the consumer end of the experience. Curious if it's equally well implemented on the support agents' end.

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