How can I get more detailed task usage/zap from Zapier?

We're starting to hit the limit on our current plan, but I think that it's because we've got a few zaps that are particularly hangry, and use up a ton of our tasks. If we modify or manage those if they are not necessary, I could make better billing decisions on Zapier. Is there an easy way to visualize the number of tasks per zap?

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2 years ago

The best option typically has been to export your Zapier history in a spreadsheet and analyze on your own. I just opened Zapier to grab a screenshot of how to do that ... and turns out, they've recently added a new Usage tab to your Zap history that shows your top Zaps and how many tasks they had over the past month.

Zapier usage dashboard

So, the core way to see your Zapier task usage is to go to There, the default tab will show your Zaps sorted by which used the most tasks. You can click a Zap to drill down and see that Zap's tasks, and can use the filters on the top of the page to sort through your Zaps.

Export Zapier history

For more detail, click the Task Log tab where you can see every time a Zap has run. There's a slightly hidden way to export that data as a spreadsheet to analyze on your own: Select the timeframe you want from the Date Range box, then click the checkbox on the top left, choose "Select All", then click the Download button that'll appear. Zapier will then email you a CSV of all the data that ran through your Zaps.

Now, that export doesn't list how many tasks each Zap used, so you will need a way to note that in your spreadsheet. One option would be to list the number of action steps in the Zap notes, and then in your spreadsheet multiply that by each successful run.

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2 years ago

This is awesome, thanks so much! It's exactly what I needed, and as I suspected, a single zap inefficiently written is the culprit which should save $1000s.

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2 years ago

Yikes glad you were able to track that down!

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