How can we make Notion work seamlessly with Confluence and Jira?

I'm a big user of Notion and would love for my team to start using it as well. We are about to transition over to Jira from Wrike and will have access to Confluence. Does it make sense for us to manage notes/collaborations on project documents in notion and integrate it with tickets in Jira? Or are we missing out on a powerful native integration by not using Confluence the same way we use Notion? #question

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almost 2 years ago

Now that Notion has an API and Zapier integration, you can connect it to Jira or other tools.

It’s true that Jira and Confluence work well together, and it will be difficult to recreate the same level of interconnection with Notion as your wiki.

Something I would consider in your choice: do you need the database relationship property that Notion offers? Because as far as I know Confluence doesn’t have it yet. If you have established you documentation as a database, then I would keep Notion and connect it to Jira using Zapier.

Hope this helps!

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@will (replying to @akantjas )
almost 2 years ago

Confluence does have some lightweight db relationships. The "Excerpt include" component comes often handy.

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