How can you make pre-filled, auto-submitting links in Google Forms for an email survey?

I'm wanting to include buttons for a poll or survey in an email, and would like to automatically record and submit the response the user chose when they click a button. How can I do this in Google Forms?

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9 months ago
Build the form, choose "Get pre-filled link", then edit the URL

Make pre-filled Google Forms links

Google Forms has a built-in way to make pre-filled links that include the form responses you want—and if you tweak that URL, you can make it automatically submit the form entry so the people who vote in your poll or survey will never see the actual form.

Here's how to do it.

First make a form with the survey or poll question(s) you need. Include a plain text field for email address if you want to gather that as well (which you can prefill if sending this survey via an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or

Once your form is done, click the 3 dot menu on the top right of Google Forms and select "Get pre-filled link". That will open your form in a new tab. Select the options you want for this result, and if there's an email field, put TEST or something else easily recognizable in that field. Click "Get Link," then Google Forms will automatically copy the form link to your clipboard.

Now, you need to edit that link. Paste it into a text editor, and where the Google Forms link says /viewform?, replace that with /formResponse?. Additionally, add &submit=Submit to the end of the URL. If you have an email field in your form, also replace TEST in the URL with the field for your email address in your app ({{}} in or *|EMAIL|* in Mailchimp, for example)

Finally, open your email editor, and add that link to the text or button to vote on the option you want—and repeat the steps to get the correct form submission link for every other option in your poll. When your recipient clicks the link, their vote will automatically be recorded.

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