How did you become proficient with Figma?

Clicking around? Deconstructing built-in examples? Guided tour from a colleague? How long did it take?

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2 months ago

For me, using Figma was the best way to learn Figma. To force myself to learn, I ran through (and streamed a few weeks of my journey on Twitch.) Within a few weeks, I was able to ramp up to reasonably proficient on Figma within that time.

Coming from Sketch, using Figma is a world of difference, especially the collaborative multi-player modes, and I can see why it's SO amazing and popular with the design community at-large right now.

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2 months ago

For context, I've never done any real design work apart from wireframe scribbles on paper.

For me, it's been about having a goal and trying to get there. Tactically, what this meant was visualizing a particular interface I wanted to exist in the world. Then, I just started playing around with the tool until I had an absolutely terrible v0 (in about 2 weeks of spending 1-2 hours a day). However, this was a good enough milestone for me, where I shared it with a few professional designers who shared itdbits of feedback to make it better and sent me drbbble links with inpsiration to remix into my designers.

Doing this over and over has made me less of a noob. I can design simple screens now, but wouldn't go as far to say I'm proficient.

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2 months ago

Figma's Guides & Best Practices Resources have a ton of guides to help learn how to use Figma, and those are invaluable when I'm trying to figure things out. Love some of the more creative ideas there, too, such as making a shared design library and styleguide in Figma, use cases that simply aren't possible in standalone design tools like Sketch or InDesign. This guide on switching from Sketch to Figma gives a pretty good high-level overview of the similarities and differences between the two tools.

Figma's pretty similar to Sketch and other design tools like it, so a bit of trial and error should get you most of the way there!

Is there anywhere you're getting stuck or having trouble figuring Figma out so far?

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