How do Asana's Kanban boards compare to Trello?

Curious how it works to use Asana solely with kanban boards, like Trello, or if it'd be better to just use a kanban-only app.

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10 months ago
They're pretty similar if you set Asana to the Board view by default

Asana is still built around a standard to-do list by default, and the personal to-dos in your Inbox or My Tasks list don't have an option to show your tasks on a kanban board. But every task list in a team project has a Board option at the top, which lets you organize tasks much like Trello in a kanban board.

Click the Board view, then add every list you need, and you'll have a view pretty similar to Trello. And if you want to see your tasks in a Trello-style board every time you open the project, click the 3-dot menu on the right and select Save layout as default. Now every time you open this list, it'll show in a kanban board.

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