How do you add HubSpot email signatures?

Is there a way to customize your email footers in HubSpot to always include the same signature?

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9 months ago
In your HubSpot preferences, or from the Signature button on any email editor

HubSpot email signature editor

HubSpot lets you add a signature to every email you send from inside HubSpot, and you can edit it either from your settings, or whenever you're writing an email. The latter is the easiest option. Start writing an email to a contact inside HubSpot, click the Edit Signature button in the lower right of the formatting toolbar, and finally add your signature in the popover that opens. You can write a rich text or HTML signature, including links, media, and formatted text.

Or, click your account name in the right side of HubSpot, select Profile and Preferences, then in the Basic Info tab you should see a Signature option with the same preferences as in HubSpot's email editor. Either way, if you update your signature, HubSpot will use that same signature on any personal one-on-one email you send in HubSpot. Bulk emails sent with HubSpot's marketing tools, however, will not include your personal signature.

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5 months ago

Here's a really simple way to do it:
We've also built our own version in our Employee Website (using Private Content + HubSpot CMS), for a customised version where our Marketing Manager can control branding and messaging changes, and for the team to select CTA banners relevant to their audience). It's pretty sweeet.

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5 months ago

Oh nice!

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