How do you balance 'company building' vs. 'day-to-day execution' activities? How do you structure your management team to handle both objectives?

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a year ago

By 'day to day execution activities' I'm assuming you mean individual contributor (IC) work.

CEOs should be doing no IC work. I'm an expert delegator, 99% of the work on my plate gets delegated to my leadership team, who delegate it again.

Many CEOs are bad at delegation. They create busy work for themselves because they believe 1) they are better at doing it than others and 2) being busy 24/7 will set a good example. Both are mistakes.

The line is a bit fuzzier on the leadership team. Generally, 80% of their time should be spent on high leverage company building work, while 20% is on IC work. Even in those cases, they should constantly be looking out for things they should be delegating.

Every now and again I do audits of my team's calendars to ensure they are focussed on the right things.

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@_Suthen (replying to @maccaw )
a year ago

Got it . The way I define day-to-day work is essentially the activities that help 'run a company' whereas the company-building work is more about 'working on the company.' I'm finding that my team struggles to shift between the two states.

Is there a specific function or team that you assign to build out new ideas/functions or is that managed across the entire team?

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