How do you balance doing vs. planning at an early stage startup?

At Raycast we write montly focus documents instead of roadmaps to balance user feedback and vision.

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4 months ago

We write focus documents, but it's over 6 weeks instead of a month (duration borrowed from Shape Up).
It's ingrained in the async tool we built, and that replaces Slack for us (and helps cut through its noise for the users who use both). Focus documents for the period are always available, below our day-to-day agenda items (split in 3: decisions, help requests, FYIs), so that they're always around.

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How do you find new software to use?

The market is bursting with new software, a lot of new products are launching every day. A few months ago I posted on Capiche about my SaaS idea. Your feedback is priceless and helped us to change...

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