How do you export your HubSpot contacts?

Trying to find ways to use other email tools with HubSpot CRM to get the most out of it.

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almost 3 years ago
Click the menu beside a contact view, and click Export

Export HubSpot Contacts

HubSpot has an Export option in the menu beside each view in your contacts list. Open your Contacts page, click the Options button beside the view with the contacts you want to save, and click Export. There, you can choose to get your contacts in a CSV or Excel file. HubSpot will email the file to you when it's ready.

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a year ago

Hi! You can export your Hubspot contacts either via native way or Skyvia built-in tool called Query. It includes Google Sheets and Excel add-ons and doesn't require any coding skills.
P.S. Skyvia also provides Hubspot integration with plenty of email marketing tools. So you can connect them directly, without additional step (loading data to/from CSV)

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