How do you format text in Slack?

When you copy and paste text into Slack, it loses all formatting, but formatting is important especially for longer messages. How can you add formatting in Slack, with Markdown or rich text?

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9 months ago
With Textile formatting or Slack's Formatting Bar

Slack formatting

The easiest way to add formatting in to Slack messages is with its formatting bar. Type your message, select the text with your mouse, and Slack shows a small popover toolbar with quick formatting options (or, click the Aa button on the right of your Slack chat box to keep a formatting toolbar open all the time). There you can add bold text, italics, strikethrough, code blocks, numbered lists, bullet points, and quotes—and if you hover over each button, Slack shows the keyboard shortcut to help you remember.

Or, you can format text as you type, as Slack supports basic Textile formatting. Similar to Markdown, you add a character before and after text to format it. Here are the Textile formatting options Slack supports:

  • Bold: Add an asterisk before and after text like *this*
  • Italics: Add an underscore before and after text like _this_
  • Code: Add a caret before and after text like `this`
  • Quote: Add a greater than symbol before quoted text like > this
  • Bullet list: Add a dash before each line in your list like - this
  • Numbered list: Add a number and period before each line in your list like 1. this
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