How do you make a template in Trello?

I can't seem to find an option to add template boards. Is there a way to keep from having to make the same boards over and again?

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10 months ago
Copy an existing board—or upgrade to Trello Business Class or Enterprise.

Trello's free plans don't include an option to make template boards, but you can still make your own templates fairly easily. Just make a new board, add the columns and cards you'd want in a template, and add a name that's easy to find later. Then, whenever you want to make a board from this template, open your board, click the menu on the right, click More, then select Copy board.

That lets you make a full copy of the board, essentially what a template would do.

Otherwise, if you have a paid Trello plan, that menu will also include a Create template option that lets you save a copy of a board as a template. Then you can customize your original board for today's work, and next time you make a new board, you can select the template from Trello's options. It's a bit easier, but the free copy option works too.

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