How do you organize and manage newsletters from Substack?

I’ve been using Substack for a while and reading newsletters on my desktop. There are many insights and learnings, which let me keep reading, however, my issue is that I cannot organize what I’ve learned efficiently. Often, I’d like to look back at newsletters to remind and check the details of the concept for leveraging to my work, but it’s a little bit hard to find which newsletter it was. How does everyone organize and manage newsletters and what you’ve learned?

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almost 2 years ago

I have tried two ways to approach this:
1. Dedicated Gmail tab: Signup to Substack and other newsletters with so that you can easily filter all of them with one click. Real time saver!

  1. Joggo: They have summaries for a lot of newsletters. The summaries are not a replacement for the content itself: they are meant to give the reader an insight into the content and whether they should dig in further. This should serve to increase the probability a piece of content is read, which should increase readership for publications themselves.

(2) gets you started and (1) gives you depth.

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2 years ago

We've definitely hit newsletter overload—it's tough to keep up with everything if you subscribe to all the newsletters you come across.

A few things I've found that help so far:

  • Make a split inbox just for newsletters. In Superhuman, you can make a split inbox that shows emails from specific senders; in Gmail, you can enable a tab such as Updates and then drag newsletters into it, and over time Gmail will remember to put those newsletters in that tab. That way, all your newsletters will be in one place and you can check your real email without needing to go through all your newsletters at the same time—and when you want to read, just open that split or tag to read the news.
  • Or, if you use the email app Hey, it has a default reader view to put all your newsletters together in one reading list where they look more like a social media feed than email.
  • If you're subscribing to Substack newsletters specifically, the new Substack Reader lets you read all of your newsletters together without needing to check your email.
  • Another trick I've used is Instapaper, where I'll open a newsletter in a new tab, save it to Instapaper, then read it later along with other articles when I have time.
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