How do you run SaaS referral programs?

We're looking at automating how we handle referrals - it's currently done manually with Typeform with clients uploading referrer names and emails. We upload these folks into Salesforce manually.

Ideally, I'd love for clients to share their friends' emails either through a link or through an inline "input their email" form. A leaderboard would be pretty cool too.

How are you running referral programs?

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3 years ago is worth every penny and has exactly what you are looking for
- Unique links
- Leadership board
-FB Messenger Bot
and actually a lot of other products. Because this is the only thing they do, I found out that they do it really really well

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3 years ago

I've heard good things about Rewardful, DocSketch uses it and they're a nice independent startup with a solid product. Planning on trying it for a SaaS tool I'm building Intro CRM.

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3 years ago

A quick idea to help speedup your existing process would be to link Typeform and Salesforce—Typeform has a built-in Salesforce integration, or you could use a tool like Zapier to watch for new Typeform entries and add them to Salesforce.

For other ideas, some older discussions about referrals on Capiche mentioned Rewardful, Referral Hero, Byper, LinkMink, TapAffiliate, and ReferralCandy. Not sure if any of those would directly work, but might help you start the research!

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