How do you share a folder in iCloud?

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2 years ago
On iOS, tap-and-hold on the folder, select Share, then tap "Add People" to share an iCloud folder.

iCloud recently gained shared folders, much like Dropbox where anything you put in that folder is automatically synced to that same folder on every collaborator's devices. As long as you're running iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or newer, you can share a folder with anyone else, even if they don't have an Apple device.

But sharing folders is a bit hidden.

Share iCloud Drive folder with others on iPhone

Here's how it works.

Find the folder you want to share, then on an iPhone or iPad, tap and hold on a folder and click Share. On a Mac, right-click on the folder to see the sharing options. In iCloud Drive's web app, click the people icon in the toolbar to add collaborators.

Add collaborators to iCloud Drive shared folder screenshot

In the sharing options, underneath the default avatars and app icons, select the Add People option. There, you can send an invite to anyone via email, iMessage, and any other app on your device.

iCloud Drive sharing option settings screenshot

Or, click the sharing options to set two options:

  • Share the folder with only specific people (default), or with anyone with the link
  • Let anyone edit the files in the folder (default), or share as view only

Accept iCloud Drive shared folder

Now, when someone receives your invitation to share a folder, the link will open in iCloud's website by default, and will let them see the files online if their device isn't up-to-date, or otherwise will let them open the shared folder.

And then it just works. Pretty much like shared folders in Dropbox, anyone with the shared folder can open, edit, and add files to the folder, and they're synced to everyone's devices. It's especially handy for families, where you can share both iCloud storage space across the family and now share specific folders.

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