How do you track emails in HubSpot?

Does HubSpot include email tracking to see when emails are opened? If so, how do you turn it on and use it?

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9 months ago
HubSpot tracks email opens automatically, with an option to disable in the Chrome extension

Tracking email opens inside HubSpot

If you send emails from HubSpot's CRM and marketing apps' built-in email tool, HubSpot automatically tracks if people open your emails and click on the links. Open that contact's profile, and you can see when they opened the email and how many times the email has been opened, among other contact details. It's automatically enabled—you don't have to turn it on, but there's also no way to turn it off.

If you've installed HubSpot's browser add-on to get HubSpot features inside Chrome, or its Outlook add-on for the same features, then HubSpot includes an option to track emails. Check the Track box in HubSpot's toolbar inside Gmail or Outlook when sending an email track opens and clicks; leave it unchecked to not track the email.

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