How does your team organize Slack channels?

Seems difficult to effectively figure out which Slack teams are best for what discussions over time. What are your best Slack organization strategies?

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3 years ago
Star those used most often and mute any distractions

The starred channel option is a great way to separate the channels you use the most from the pack - in essence, starring a channel places it into a list of channels above your regular list. Conversely, muting channels that you want to be in but would like to avoid having as a distraction is a great practice, and places them at the bottom of your regular chhanel list.
Another little trick - Hubspot lists channels in alphabetical order. Every so often, we want a channel to remain at the top/bottom of the pack without starring or muting.. so we throw an " a- " or " z- " in front of the channel name so it appears in the desired spot on the list.

As for team organization within channels - our rule of thumb: if more than 4 people are needed for a chat or if there are external stakeholders (guests) needed for the chat, we use channels. Otherwise, we roll with direct group messages.

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3 years ago
Add a prefix to organize channels by function

Our team and number of channels at Capiche right now are low enough that simple names like #growth or #front-end are enough to help us find the channels we need.

At Zapier with hundreds of channels, the trick was to add function-based prefixes to channels, including #fun- for non-work discussions such as #fun-cooking, #city- for location-based discussions for teams in the same area to plan meetups, #team- replaced with the team name for work channels such as #marketing-writing for a marketing team channel about writing. It gets a bit tedious to maintain, but makes it easier to skim through a wide number of channels and find what you're looking for.

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