How many subscriptions is your startup or company paying for? ( AWS, MailChimp, G-Suite, Slack, etc )?

Our company has more than 14 or so, and we noticed that it's getting too complicated to deal with all of them. So, we started researching if other founders have similar volume of subs and problems.

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almost 3 years ago
18, by my count

I may have missed something, but I think this is our full stack of paid SaaS:

Ahrefs, Algolia, AWS, Calendly, Carta,, Figma, Fullstory, Github, Gsuite, Gusto, Mailchimp, Notion, QBO, Segment, Slack, Superhuman, Zoom

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@ramykhuffash (replying to @awwstn )
almost 3 years ago

7 for Page Flows (company of 1)

Postmark, Buffer,, Digital Ocean, AWS, Gsuite,

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almost 3 years ago

(accidentally responded to this instead of the main thread)

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2 years ago
15 (with a few on the way out/several others on the way in)

Hubspot, GSuite, Adobe, Monday, RingCentral, Zapier, Linkedin Navigator, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Canva, Upwork Sales Account, Gusto, QBO, Airtable, Costar (CRE tool)

Currently exploring -, Integromat, Aircall

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