How much are you paying for Tribe?

a year ago

I am on the free tier now. It is very nice that even the free tier has custom domain name and dedicated SSL certificates. My community is small; < 100 people and unlikely to grow bigger than 250. I would be glad to pay 10 bucks per month for some advance feature but the first paid tier 85 per month is too much for me.

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What are your favorite tools to brainstorm?

Sticky notes on a wall? Random ideas on a whiteboard? Outlining or mind-mapping apps? Kanban cards, notes connected in a Roam Research-style wiki, random ideas scribbled down on paper until somethi...

How do you manage your chat inbox?

Hey guys, first post here. As part of my work, I have to deal with and respond to a lot of incoming messages from different chats: Linkedin/WhatsApp/Signal/IG. I try to use Unreads/Archive features...

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