How much do you pay for AWS CloudFront egress to internet per GB

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a year ago

There are a few CloudFront pricing stories on Capiche's Amazon AWS pricing stories, including these:

"We negotiated a CloudFront contract with 70TB monthly commitment at $0.0325/GB."

"Cloudfront pricing is high, but super negotiable if you're willing to do 1 year commitments. We are negotiating CloudFront pricing that puts us at about .01 USD / GB," said another user who's spending $10k/month on Cloudfront.

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a year ago

I t asks me to share pricing to see pricing... at least make it optional for me :/

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a year ago

If you go to and share what you're paying for any three software products, you'll be able to see all the pricing across Capiche.

I'll email you with more info as well :)

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