How much has Zapier changed over the past few years, in terms of its focus, its usage, and user base?

Do you see growing interest in personal automation, or does it remain a niche? Has interest changed -- from software and services to things, or in any other way? Thanks!

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a year ago

The core of Zapier has always been about helping folks automate the tedious work in their lives. That part has been true since the beginning.

What's changed in the last few years is how easy it is. We've worked a lot to make it more accessible to more people. We support over 2000 apps now. We've tried tons of experiments to make it more accessible for new folks (some of those have worked). We've added teams and collaboration features that make it easier to use in your company setting.

We've got more planned too to expand the capability set. Stay tuned.

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a year ago

What are some experiment findings that have surprised you?

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a year ago

We used to make it easy to start creating a Zap before signing up. Turns out people liked signing up for things. So we made it easier to sign up and then make a Zap. That one still blows my mind.

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a year ago

I still love the old design of the Zap Roulette spinner—got a link to that one still around?

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@wadefoster (replying to @maguay )
a year ago
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